Cultural TrendsĀ Are Frightening!

A Sampling of Spiritual Indicators in America
(Percentage of American Adults – by National Survey)

Indicator 2006 2011 2014 2017
Identify themselves as Christian 84% 82% 78% 75%
Have made some type of commitment to Jesus that is still important to them 72% 65% 62% 60%
Have visited a church within the past 6 months 66% 62% 53% 56%
Absolutely committed to Christianity 54% 54% NA NA
Attend church in a typical week 47% 40% 36% 36%
Born again Christian (2 factors)

  • Have made a personal commitment to Jesus Christ
  • Believe they will go to Heaven when they die

45% 40% 35% 33%
Believe in salvation by grace, not works 31% 29% 28% 28%
Evangelical (% who answer “YES” to all questions below

  • Have you made a commitment to Jesus that is still important to you?
  • Do you believe you will go to heaven because you have confessed your sins & accepted Jesus as Lord & Savior?
  • Is your Faith very important to you?
  • Do you feel that you have a personal responsibility to share Christ with others?
  • Do you believe that Satan exists?
  • Do you believe in salvation by grace, not works?
  • Do you believe that Jesus was sinless?
  • Do you believe that the Bible is accurate?
  • Do you believe in God as all-powerful, all-knowing creator of the universe?

10% 7% 6% 8%
Percentage who give at least 10% of their income to churches and/or charities 5% 4% 5% 4%

Source: Barna Group,



  • Lack of unity in the body between church leaders, parachurch leaders and market place business leaders.
  • Waning commitment of believers to live and lead based upon biblical worldview.
  • Lack of clarity and focus by Christian leaders in regard to our calling and purpose as designed by God.
  • Failure to develop Holy Spirit led transformational strategies built upon Matthew 28:18-20, making God and His kingdom our priority.