Beacon – A strong light set in a prominent position as a warning or signal
Catalyst – One that provokes significant change
Group – A number of individuals assembled together having some unifying relationship

BCG Vision

To be involved in a vibrant and visible Spirit led movement in the Triangle where a significant number of  Christian Leaders from all spheres of society are united,  empowered, and inspired to  courageously make a measurable difference, boldly advancing God’s kingdom.

“Work for the well-being of the city where I have sent you to and pray to the Lord for this. For if it is well with the  city you live in, it  will be well with   you.” –  Jeremiah 29:7

BCG Mission


To build a leadership network empowered and ignited by the Holy  Spirit; connecting leaders who are prayerfully seeking God; and uniting them into small common interest groups to address key local issues and problems, while positively impacting lives in the  Triangle based on the  unchanging truth  of a Biblical World View.


Patrick A O’Neal
Business owner
Disciple and Disciple Maker

Patrick’s business career of over 40 years is in the real estate industry as a developer and marketer of residential communities. Pat is President of Chatham Development Corp. He and his wife, Tina, live in Apex, NC, and they have seven children, eighteen grand children, and five great grandchildren. Patrick’s passion is sharing Christ and life-on-life discipleship in the marketplace. He is President of Beacon Catalyst Group and President Emeritus of Christian Business Men’s Connection (CBMC), a non-profit marketplace ministry which began in 1931 in Chicago.

His heart’s desire is to assist others in understanding God’s call to the workplace where we are to glorify, reflect, influence and impact the lost for Christ as His Ministers of Reconciliation, right where the Lord has placed each one of us. He understands that work is a “sacred calling” where God is reaching out to the world. His hope is to encourage and challenge a new generation of “Courageous Radical Leaders” to step forward for God’s purposes.

Jim Chenet

Jim is moved by EXCELLENCE. He believes that most of us are tapping into only a very small percentage of our total human potential and that many of us get so wrapped up in just “surviving” that we totally miss our unique calling. He has the abilities, interest, and commitment to serve as a catalyst and coach for other seekers—to assist them in identifying their unique God given skills; and then to empower, equip, and encourage them to utilize those skills to gain greater fulfillment and results from their lives.

Jim started his professional career as a sports coach and a teacher, and for the last 30 years has been helping corporations to design and implement motivation and training programs for their associates. He began doing personal coaching in 2001 and his credentials include: BA in Speech Communications, an MA in Speech Communications, an MBA, 70 hours of training from The Institute of Life Coach Training, coach training from PCCI, and extensive training in the Miller/Heiman “Strategic Selling” process.

Jim lives in Chapel Hill, NC and has been married to Ginny, a very talented artist, for 43 years, has three grown children, and six grandchildren.

He would welcome your inquiries or questions. Call Jim at 919-618-1642, or email him at